June 11, 2018

Washington, DC -- Joan Mooney, President and CEO of The Faith & Politics Institute, released the following statement regarding the recent death of Civil Rights icon, Ms. Dorothy Cotton.

“Dorothy Cotton was a Civil Rights Movement giant in her own right and was among its highest ranking female leaders. As we reflect on the progress made over her lifetime of service to others, trailblazers such as Ms. Cotton illuminated the way for us all toward a more just and equal society, one where all citizens may come to enjoy the rights to which they are entitled under the Constitution. We at The Faith & Politics Institute were so blessed to have had her in our midst for the times she traveled with us during our annual Congressional Civil Rights Pilgrimages. We mourn her loss with her family and in awe reflect on the immense legacy that we benefit from through her noble service.”

Dorothy Cotton is considered one of the most important heroic leaders of the Civil Rights Movement. She worked alongside Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. organizing communities and encouraging change through education and nonviolence. Cotton specifically trained Civil Rights activists in the practice of nonviolence and is known for calming tensions through song. She was among the few females who held a leadership role at the Southern Christian Leadership Conference during the 1960s and she also led the Citizenship Education Program.