The Faith & Politics Institute is a Washington-based non-profit organization that seeks to inspire transformational leadership by convening political leaders and engaging them in constructive dialogue around the shared values necessary for effective democracy – conscience, courage, and compassion. 

The Faith & Politics Institute is an agent for change:

  • From leadership that is externally focused to integrated leadership that incorporates spiritual beliefs and practices;
  • From bitter partisanship to engagement and civility; and
  • From racial division and the exploitation of racial divides in electoral politics to racial reconciliation and dialogue.

In many ways, the work of The Faith & Politics Institute has been ahead of its time. In the last 25 years, we have engaged hundreds of national and state political leaders, members of Congress, congressional staff and their constituents in bipartisan, interfaith dialogues. We do more than create safe spaces for dialogue

And there is much work yet to be done.

This moment in history presents a tremendous opportunity for political leaders to assume an active role in setting the tone that will shape our future and to engage the public in ways that ensure our next step forward is taken together as a united people. We must not simply tolerate, but move into the tensions inherent in a democratic society. The Faith & Politics Institute has set three goals to which we will commit ourselves and our resources over the next two years:

  • LEADING FROM WITHIN: We enhance the quality and effectiveness of political leadership by providing opportunities for elected officials and their staff to strengthen their personal leadership through participation in spiritually grounded group dialogue and reflection.
  • LEADING ACROSS THE DIVIDE: We contribute to effective government by bringing members of Congress and congressional staff together in a spirit of reconciliation across lines of race, religion and political affiliation to work together in service of our nation and the world.
  • LEADING IN SERVICE: We strengthen democracy by bringing members of Congress and the public they serve together across differences of race, religion and political affiliation in settings that promote understanding through reflection and dialogue.

Who We Are


The Faith & Politics Institute is celebrating 25 years of service to policy and political leaders in the nation’s capital. Since its founding in 1991, the Institute has offered opportunities for members of Congress and political professionals to cultivate effective public leadership through mutual respect, moral reflection, increased understanding and honest conversation.  Read more.

Board of Directors

The Faith & Politics Institute’s Board of Directors is a governing and policy-making body composed of distinguished individuals from a variety of backgrounds. Learn more.

Leadership and Staff Professionals

Learn more about The Institute’s President and CEO Joan M. Mooney, our officers, and our staff. 

What We Do

Authentic leaders draw strength from a deep understanding of the values that motivate them. We convene and engage national political leaders, their senior staff members, and other public servants in reflective dialogue that fosters the rediscovery and reaffirmation of values common among transformational leaders – values like conscience, courage, and compassion.  Read more.